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We need a investor to build the Custom House of Tarfaya´s Port

Puerto de Tarfaya Plano We need investor to build The customs House of Tarfaya´s Port. The Government of Marocco gives a plot of 11,000 sqr, and you can keep it for 25 years (possible negotiation to rise up). The Government of Marocco gives the possibility to you to make your self the bussiness or to pay you a monthly rent or a daily rent, the ammount is has to be negotiated, there are guarantee of payment of the Moroccan Government. The assigned plot is located inside of Tarfaya Port. Let us remember that now the port of Tarfaya is being used as the main base of the Oil Companies operating in the South of Morocco. The Government ensures that the Fred Olsen Express lines between 2014 and 2015 and Naviera Armas will have line of the Canary Islands to Tarfaya again. For more information go to our web official website, and after that came to our offices at c/Jacinto Borges 11 Diaz, local 4, for citras call us at 928-844-928 only mornings from 8 to 13 hours.

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Tarfaya, former Villa Bens, is a village located at the Atlantic Coast in the south of Morocco in the proximity of the border to the Western Sahara.
The village has approximately 4,500 inhabitants.

In the Colonial age the village was called Villa Bens, which at the same time was the administrative seat of Spanish South Morocco.
fort tarfaya

Tarfaya became a supraregional meaning in 1975, when 350,000 participants of the Green March were camping in its proximity.

At the beach you will find a monument of the famous pilot and writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (The Little Prince) who was stationed here in the mid 20th of the last century.

Remarkable are also the enormous dunes alongside the Atlantic Ocean.

The Dash

The Dash is a spectacular and challenging new endurance event racing from Europe (Lanzarote, Canary Islands) to Africa (Tarfaya, Sahara Morocco), 72 nautical miles.
The original format of the event makes it possible for different categories of crafts to participate. The Dash provides an innovative and exciting opportunity to race to Tarfaya, Sahara Morocco by crossing the ocean from the Canary Islands in a safe and fun way with like-minded people. The Dash finishes in Tarfaya a village 100 km north of Laayoune. Tarfaya is a typical Saharan village, and all the competitors will be welcomed at the finish with open Saharan hospitality. Traditional bedouin tents will be set up for the overnight stay, in the evening local food and entertainment for all competitors will be provided. The following day everyone will return to Lanzarote.

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